Dibuang Sayang (1)


Dibuang sayang” is a bunch of my photographs which have never been posted in my blog before, hence I got them all here…….


Karaoke @ Masterpiece-Sarinah: Manda, Sabi, Eta, Mba Hana (2 Januari 2015)

IMG-20150114-WA0010 IMG-20150114-WA0003

Femina Focus Group Discussion within the series toward Women’s International Day @ Oakwood (14 Januari 2015)

1422439853992 1422439874712

After office hours @ Meeting Room: Eta, Fika, Mba Hana, Sabi, Dea, Manda (28 Januari 2015)


It’s lunch time! @ canteen: Sabi, Mba Hana, Manda (6 Februari 2015)


After having finished our lunch @ NEGT Room: Bella, Sabi (6 Februari 2015)

IMG-20150212-WA0003 IMG-20150212-WA0001

At first, I asked a favor of Mba Hana to take some photos of me with the sketches of birthday congratulatory for my friend. But later…… it turned to be like this 😀 @ IT Room: Sabi, Mba Hana (12 Februari 2015)

C360_2015-02-24-15-29-19-628 C360_2015-02-24-15-28-33-495

Ical’s last day in UTC: Manda, Fika, Eta, Dea, Sabi, Ical, Mba Hana (25 Februari 2015)


Legi’s last day in UTC: Chevy, Sabi, Mas Hanif, [depan] Legi (27 Februari 2015)


Afternoon run @ Monas [1]: Fika, Sabi (12 Maret 2015)


Afternoon run @ Monas [2]: Ndai, Fika, Sabi (18 Maret 2015)

20150324_170859 20150324_170849

Afternoon run @ Monas [3]: Sabi, Ndai, Fika (24 Maret 2015)


Stasiun Jayakarta: Mba Hana, Sabi (26 Maret 2015)


Afternoon run @ Monas [4]: Sabi, Fika, Ndai (31 Maret 2015)

C360_2015-04-01-16-22-32-285 C360_2015-04-01-16-23-02-942

82 shoots in a row! @ GIS Room: Fika, Sabi, Ndai, Eta, Manda, Mba Hana (1 April 2015)


Badminton @ Auditorium (1 April 2015)


Quick selfie before start the day @ V&V Room: Manda, Sabi, Fika, Eta, Ndai (2 April 2015)

IMG_1169 IMG_1129

Swatches of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Ole Flamingo (Shade #05) @ V&V Room: Eta, Sabi, Manda, Fika, Ndai, Mba Hana (8 April 2015)

C360_2015-04-10-14-53-40-703 C360_2015-04-10-14-53-28-974

We love to dip dragon fruits, strawberries, and cotton candy in chocolate 🙂 @ V&V Room: Eta, Mba Hana, Manda, Sabi, Fika, Ndai (10 April 2015)

2015-04-15 15.27.59

Biscuit with melted marshmallow and melted chocolate filling, yumm! @ GIS Room: Sabi, Fika (15 April 2015)

Just wait for the upcoming edition of “dibuang sayang“, okay? Amitie.


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