Floating Market Lembang


Jeudi, le 24 Octobre 2013. On a visité Floating Market Lembang. This floating market is a tourism area which is built in the area of Lake Umar, about 15 km to the north of Bandung city. It can be reached from various ways. That day, we prefer to go through Setiabudi, from Dago.

The entrance of Floating Market Lembang is on the left side of the road. When we came into the tourism area, we have to pay admission charge 10K/ person (including welcome drink) and parking fees 5K. The parking area was so big. Particularly, we came in Thursday, thus it is not crowded.

From the parking area, we went to the main ‘Pendopo’, a traditional building which is utilized as a kind of lobby of Floating Market Lembang. In main ‘Pendopo’, we exchanged our ticket to hot welcome drink. What a suitable complimentary to warm our body, because Lembang is a bit cold.


welcome drink

Also, in the main ‘Pendopo’, there is a place for exchanging our money to coins, because in this floating market, we have to pay for the amusement ride or buy food using such coins. There are 4 types of coins: 5K, 10K, 50K, and 100K. Those coins which have been purchased, cannot be exchanged to money anymore, but…… don’t worry they cannot be expired.


the Coins

Having finished exchanging our money to coins, we came into lake area, and wooow what a beautiful scenery yippiieee! Then, we sit around the lake while we consumed the welcome drink, eat the grilled sausage, and also took photos 😀


Sabi was sitting around the lake, holding her welcome drink

Some amusement ride in Lembang Floating Market:

1. Feeding the swan


2. Feeding the bunny


3. Water bike, canoe, or row boat

On the lake, we can rent water bike, canoe, or row boat. The rent price was about 50K-70K for 30 minutes, it was including life jacket. We preferred to ride water bike.

IMG_84297593444830 IMG_84281072723395

Riding the water bike


Cycling around the Lake Umar

4. Floating Market

In the floating market, the food marketers sell le repas et la boisson from the boats on the lake. Buyers can purchased from the food court or while riding water bike, canoe, or row boat.


The food marketers


Food court

Amitie 🙂


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