Quatre Beaux Guitaristes (Four Gorgeous Guitarists)


Quatuor Eclisses is a group which consist of 4 guitarist, they are: the renowned Gabriel Bianco, the handsome Arkaitz Chambonnet, Pierre Lelievre, and Benjamin Valette. They utterly expert to play lagu-lagu klasik, dan woooow banget deh penampilan mereka. Jago-jago bangeeeet! You can listen to one of their gorgeous performance here. And if you want to listen the others, you can search it in youtube or google by yourself obviously 😉


Here they are, the Quatuor Eclisses @ Goethe Institut (Gabriel, Arkaitz, Benjamin, Pierre). If you are captivated by them, then you want to know them profoundly, you can visit their official website.

Jeudi, le 5 Juin 2014. Quatuor Eclisses performed in the Auditorium of Goethe Institut, Menteng, Jakarta. They came to Indonesia because IFI (Institut Francais en Indonesie) invited them to perform several times in several cities en Indonesie, as a part of the event ‘Festival Printemps‘ (Spring). Alors, mes amis dans la Niveau A1 a l’IFI, Madame Efa (notre professeur dans la classe) et moi came to Goethe to see their amazing performance from 8 pm until 10 pm. And yeah, it was really fascinating, we are very happy, and they are very handsome 😀

IMG-20140606-WA0006 IMG-20140606-WA0005

They performed at Goethe, oh la la ce sont tres beaux hommes (Gabriel, Arkaitz, Pierre, Benjamin).

10 pm. The performance was over, but we could get their signature outside the auditorium and also took a photo with them yipppiieee! Thanks to Madame Efa, because of her (she spoke French to them, I did not know what they were talking about), we could be the first group yang asik berfoto ria bersama mereka.


Yeay! Sayangnya saya merem (Benjamin, Gabriel, Madame Efa, moi, Arkaitz, Pierre). Bisa-bisanya foto di sebelah orang ganteng malah merem haha.

I hope I can watch their performance again, someday… Bisous from me to you all, Quatuor Eclisses, especially for Arkaitz :3


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