Jogjakarta : Prambanan Temple, Ratu Boko, Sate Klathak Pak Pong, Cheese Roll Wahyu Austin, Bakpia Kurnia Sari


10 September 2017, 08.05 am, I departed from Soekarno–Hatta Airport Terminal 3 to Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta. It was my very first experience, since I regularly come to Terminal 3 just to accompany Aji when he returned to the sites hehe.

@ Terminal 3

At around 10 am, I exited Adisutjipto Airport. Then, the first destination is Prambanan Temple. Believe it or not, I had never visited such temple before. Prambanan Temple is 9th-century Hindu temple. It is located approximately 17 kilometres northeast of Yogyakarta, on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta.

The temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, also one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. The main building inside the complex has 47-metre-high. There were a total of 240 buildings in the complex. The building of the temples are characterized by their tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu architecture.

Prambanan Temple


inside the temple | some buildings were heavily damaged due to earthquakes

The next destination is Ratu Boko, an archaeological site about three kilometres south of Prambanan temple. The site covers 16 hectares. It’s estimated that Ratu Boko is a settlement site, even though its precise function remain unknown.


Ratu Boko | the main gate view from Candi Pembakaran


Candi Pembakaran | Pendopo



can you spot Prambanan Temple? | it will be utterly astonishing to witness sunset there

There are a lot of little temples around Ratu Boko : Ijo Temple, Kalasan Temple, Banyunibo Temple, Barong Temple, Sojiwan Temple. Also, Breccia Cliff Parks is pretty close. Unfortunately, I have limited time to explore the city at the time huhu.

Next, the third destination is sate klathak Pak Pong (on Jalan Imogiri Timur Km. 10, Bantul, Yogyakarta) for late lunch. It was my second visit. Frankly, I really want to taste sate klathak Pak Bari, but such place open only at night, unluckily I must head to Kebumen after Maghrib.

sate klathak ❤

I will tell the story of my visit to Kebumen in the next post. Oyaa, at the time I brought cheese roll Wahyu Austin (on Perumahan Taman Cemara G-1, Ring Road Utara, Maguwoharjo, Sleman) and bakpia Kurnia Sari in milk flavors to Jakarta. Alhamdulillah eventually I can get the milk flavors, because those almost always run out~


x o x o


Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen


A lot of my friends who work in Kuningan and neighboring areas came to Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen (on south parking area of Plaza Festival, Jl. Haji R. Rasuna Said Kav. C No. 22, Jakarta). In my opinion, the location is utterly strategic and pretty close to the place I live. Also, it is surrounded by sport centers : Stadion Soemantri Brojonegoro, Plaza Festival wall climbing, Elite Club Epicentrum, etc.

Such coffee shop opens 7 days 24 hours. The building can be easily recognized by its appealing white brick exterior; while the interior is very warm, cozy, homey, and gorgeous. Everything were mostly made from wood, and there is a real big tree inside!

please just ignore those photobomb(s) :”””)

I came on Friday (25 August 2017), after office hours, and there are several visitors there. All the table on the first floor already had the occupants, so that I chose a table on the second floor. At the time, I ordered nachos and strawberry juice. Both of them tasted good, I like them! Fyi, the nachos came in big portions.

my nachos ❤


à tout à l’heure!

Pipiltin Cocoa, Sarinah


On 21 August 2017, after office hours, Shelly, Dinda, and I headed to Pipiltin Cocoa – Sarinah Building (on Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30, Jakarta Pusat), at the same time we intended to break our fast there.

At Pipiltin Cocoa, you can find many options of chocolate dishes, for instance cookies, chocolate bars, sliced / whole cakes, chocolate dessert, etc. Such restaurant is situated near shoes shop of Sarinah Departement Store. The interior of the restaurant looked like a renovated warehouse with a lot of boxes, also wooden table.

Dinda, Shelly, Sabi

The three of us ordered chocolate soup and chocolate pizza. Honestly, I’m not a fan of chocolate, but our dishes tasted delicious ❤ despite the fact that the chocolate soup came in very small size, it is pretty dense, thus the dish made us satiate~ on the other hand, chocolate pizza came in a big size 😀 so that, it’s quite hard for us to finish our dishes at the time hehe.

chocolate soup : chocolate shell, milk chocolate, white chocolate soil, chocolate cake

chocolate pizza : chocolate fudge, peanut butter, dulce de leche, marshmallow, dark chocolate sauce

à bientôt!

Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing


Myself, Nia, and Feby visited Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing (Ruko Sutera Niaga 1 no 18, Alam Sutera, Tangerang) on 17 August 2017 with little knowledge of climbing things, because it was our very first experience 😀 *Nia and Feby are my friends in Geology-ITB 2009.

Sabi, Nia, Feby @ Peak to Peak Indoor Wall Climbing

You should pay IDR95K (non-member) at the first floor and they will provide you : harness, locking carabiner, climbing ropes, chalk (to keep your fingers and palms dry, which helps you avoid slipping), also rock climbing shoes (flexible shoes with grippy soles). Don’t forget to bring your own socks and wear clothes which offer comfort and mobility (stretch).

rock climbing shoes

You can store your shoes / sandals in shoes shelves on the first floor and keep your bag safe in the free lockers on the fourth floor. If you are hungry or thirsty, you can buy some food and drink in the first floor.

This indoor wall climbing space is not really big, but there is not a lot of people there. They have several different grades between walls. I can only conquer the very easy, easy, and quite easy walls, with some help from the instructor. There are 2 male instructors and 1 female instructor.

was struggling~

We climbed for an hour, rested for around 30 minutes, continued to climb for another 30 minutes, and stopped because we were really tired afterwards hehe. However, we were utterly happy and enjoyed our very first time climb so much, hence we plan to do it again someday yay!



Noi Pizza, Pondok Indah


On 12 July 2017, the bridesmaids from GL ITB 09 for Odi’s wedding (Fusi, Sekar, Kiki, Della, and I) organized a bridal shower for the bride to be. Since Odi’s favorite color is baby blue, the five of us wore baby blue blouse at the time.

Odi’s wedding took place @ Graha Sucofindo on 15 July 2017. Odi (Claudia Carmelita Kanter) is my bestfriend since my first year of college life. First college year in ITB called TPB. During TPB, Odi and I were at the same class, FITB 2009 – class 03.

The bridal shower was held @ Noi Pizza (Jl. Pinang Kuningan I Blok UL No.4, RT.17/RW.3, Pd. Pinang, Jakarta Selatan). The place is quite small but it is homey, cozy, and has gorgeous vintage interior design. I suggest you don’t come by your own car, because it will be hard to find a parking space there.

Noi Pizza offers some selection of pizza, pasta, and steak. We ordered some variants of pizza, all of them tasted good. Also, I had ice milk tea, but I didn’t really like it, because in my opinion it was less viscous.


the bride to be | Odi and Sabi in baby blue blouse; my favorite color is baby blue, also

Fusi, Kiki, Odi, Sekar, Sabi, Della


Love (part 3)


Continue the story on the previous post……..

This is the third episode of our romantic rendezvous (ceileh!) after around 2.5 months we didn’t see each other. Aji (yes his name is Aji, I just thought that I never mentioned his name before) finally returned from the sites on 30 July 2017 and he came to Jakarta on 5 August yay. At around 5 pm, I appeared in his room @ RedDoorz Setiabudi and brought a gift and cupcakes for him, because he recently celebrated HIS 28TH BIRTHDAY 😀 When I arrived, he had watched Moana hehehe.

happy birthday!

After the film finished, we went out for dinner @ School Food Blooming Mari, Lotte Shopping Avenue, because he wanted to have Korean food. Afterwards, I followed him to meet his PS’s friends (PS = ITB’s Football Association) @ Starbucks, Setiabudi One.

my fried calamary (c’est bon, especially the tartar sauce) and my refreshing drink (I forget its name) @ School Food Blooming Mari


On 6 August 2017 around 11 am, we headed to Puri Ardhya Garini to attend Ira’s wedding reception. Ira is my high school friend @ Insan Cendekia Serpong. Happy wedding day Raaa!


Then, we planned to watch Despicable Me, after changed into casual style. But unluckily, the schedule didn’t suit us, because we had to attend Bella’s wedding reception @ Masjid Sunda Kelapa at night. Therefore, we cancelled the movie date. Bella is Aji’s friend who is also majoring in Geological Engineering (ITB 2008).


7 August 2017. We had breakfast together before I headed to my office @ Gambir, and he headed to Pama headquarters @ Pulo Gadung. When his ‘things’ in the office done, he returned to his hometown. Bye Ji, see you on Thursday………………………


10 August 2017. Aji was in Jakarta, as tomorrow he will return to the sites again. After office hours, I came to his room @ Airy Rooms Setiabudi, and after prayed Maghrib, we went outside for dinner @ Holy Smokes, Lotte Shopping Avenue. OMG my sirloin steak was so damn delicious, it is much more delicious than H*lyc*w :”””” When our belly was already full, we left the restaurant and strolled around for a while @ Lotte.

my sirloin + spiral sausage :9


On 11 August 2017, I accompanied him to the airport. Currently, it’s been almost 2.5 months since the last time I saw him, can’t wait to see him again……

byeeeee 😦

But unfortunately, until now, he still don’t know when he will return from the sites, since he still have an assignment to be finished before go home. I hope you get it done soon Ji, so you can come to Jakarta soon~ aamiin.


Look forward to tell you the next stories, xoxo

Unicorn Bowl @ Berrywell, ShopHaus Menteng


On 7 August 2017, after office hours, Shelly and I headed to Berrywell, ShopHaus Menteng (on Jalan Teuku Cik Ditiro No.36, Menteng, Jakarta), because we want to try their smoothie bowl. It sounds so weird, doesn’t it? Since I am a kind of person who love greasy food so much hehe.

But, their new variant of smoothie bowl is very adorable and happening. I was curious! Its name is unicorn bowl. It consists of banana, melon, yogurt, granola, crunchy biscuits, and cinnamon cone. It’s only available in regular size. To be honest, at first I was sceptical about the dish, I thought that it just looks good, not tastes good. Buuut, I was wrong! In fact, such unicorn bowl is utterly delicious ❤

my adorable unicorn bowl

If you wonder what is smoothie bowl? What is the different between smoothie bowl and regular smoothie? Smoothie bowl is thicker than regular smoothie, you can’t drink smoothie bowl through a straw.

At the beginning, I doubt whether the portion is enough for me or not, buuut actually, it’s quite difficult to clear my bowl. I ate half or less of the portion and I felt that my belly was already full haha. Eventually, I can finish my smoothie Alhamdulillah.

Did I tell you that Berrywell also provides free infused water for the customer? But if you don’t like such complimentary, you can choose between regular smoothie or cold-pressed juices for your beverage. They also display the amount of calories for all items on the menu. It was such a great experience, can’t wait to try other smoothie bowl places in Jakarta………

instagram-able ShopHaus Menteng ❤

Pssst, I will share you some secret : in the middle of that night, I woke up and I was starving hehe~


à tout à l’heure!